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Elaine Sheppard Bolt

Elaine Sheppard Bolt is a ceramic and mixed media artist based in Lewes, East Sussex, making work guided by a sense of narrative and steeped in the context of the local surroundings.


Elaine's current work includes mixed media wall pieces, along with thrown and hand built ceramic vessels in a natural colour range, some with hand-carved or drawn markings. Her latest collection takes inspiration from various sources including found objects, woven textiles, and the wider landscape of the Sussex Downs. Elaine's signature use of mixed media sees found objects placed in framed

wall-pieces and carefully placed additions to pots, such as tendrils of wisteria or beech twigs.

Elaine has an MA in ceramics from UCA Farnham. She lives, works and teaches in East Sussex, exhibiting her work widely in galleries and specialist craft events across the UK

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