Syann Van Niftrik

Ideas and materials are there to be stretched, I use simple methods, relying on form and surface, occasionally repeating and linking elements to create pieces that move and interact with the body.  I work in silver, gold and occasional additions of bronze, gem stones and silk. Using hammers and anvil to form the metal and allowing my unconscious mind to draw me on, I hope to create pieces that become personal to the wearer. 


Trained in Ceramic Design at Johannesburg College of Art 1965-1968, followed by 3 years designing for the architectural cladding industry in Johannesburg. 

Jewellery became my focus in 1972 and through working in Amsterdam with various atelier, I learned and gained skills that I continue to build on today.

Having spent time in the Netherlands and France, I came to Britain in 1979 where I now live and work at home in the New Forest.